Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Out on the lake

We took Dawson out the boat for the first time, and all he really wanted to do was drive. I had to keep him distracted while Dave was driving because all he wanted to do was be next to him driving. He liked the ride, although he was a little unsure of all the wind blowing in his face.

None of us got in the water mostly it was just a nice drive and hanging out on the lake.

Notice Dawsons face in this picture..he is trying to smile while we were driving :)

Boating was in the afternoon right during a nap so by the end of the ride he got real grumpy until all the sudden he was OUT!


Matt and Amie said...

Boating is the best thing ever! I love relaxing on a boat while feeling the hot sun! Congrats on another boy!!!

Jobi Niu said...

Dawson is SO CUTE! I LOVE his hair.. When we took Jett boating, he was a little unsure about the whole "wind blowing in the face" thing too. I can't believe how freaking tiny you are pregnant!! LUCKY!

Robinson Family said...

So fun! We love boating. It always puts Brock to sleep. We need to get together soon!