Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Loving Memories

Three years ago we lost my grandma Janet. I still miss her so much, but she left us with some great memories. Dave and I were living in California, and I was at work when my younger brother Tyler called to tell me about her accident. I went straight home to buy my plane ticket to Utah and since Dave couldn’t get off work I came home alone. It was hard being away from my family when we lost her. On the flight to Utah I think the person next to me said about one word to me the entire flight, I guess she could tell I wasn’t quite in the mood for talking. When I got off the plane to get my bags, my brother Tyler and my sister in-law Rachelle jumped out from around the corner. They gave me huge hugs and made it so fun to be back home in Utah. During the week I was able to help dress my grandma and get her ready for the viewing and funeral. Everything went so well, it was a wonderful funeral. She was such a beautiful woman, I think about her often and we quote her all the time. I love you Grandma!

Two years after she passed President Hinckley passed, the same day as my grandma. I was able to go to the viewing with my mom and sister; it was such a wonderful experience. So today I remember my funny grandma, who liked to speak her mind and our sweet prophet.

Friday, January 23, 2009

He just loves golf…really!

The other day while Dave and Dawson were watching a game of football, Dawson of course yelling “touchdown” and “wow”, there was a commercial and Dave decided to change to the golf channel during the break. This got Dawson on his feet!! He cheered after a long drive “ohhh wow!” and again as they were putting into the hole. Dawson has his own golf clubs and has played a few times but never really watched, he was loving it. Then Dave changed it back to the football game, figuring it would be back on and Dawson started crying “golf ball! golf ball!” So they watched a little more golf then football that afternoon. Who knew my almost two year old would love to watch golf that much! Now whenever Dave turns on a football game Dawson figures there must be a golf game on also so he starts asking for golf ball.

This was a few days after Jordan was born, on a nice day Dave took Dawson out to play nine holes. Dawson had fun golfing with just the two of them. Just a little note about the top picture, Dawson would not take a picture with any of the clubs, just his favorite. Not the putter or his 7 iron just his driver.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where did the time go?

It has been a while since I have been on here so be prepared for some old photos of thanksgiving and such :) I guess I will start with what we did most recently; Jordan was blessed on January 4. It was such a wonderful day; Dave gave Jordan a sweet blessing. I am so thankful for Dave, he is such a wonderful Dad and he honors his priesthood so that is able to bless our family in so many ways. Jordan was such a good boy during his entire blessing, he is such an easy baby overall. We were able to have some friends and family over after the blessing; it was such a fun afternoon! Here is Dawson before church climbing on some chairs...
Thanksgiving was a lot of fun, what holiday isn’t with so much food. All the food made Dave and Jordan really sleepy...

On Christmas Eve we were able to talk to my bother Tyler who is serving a mission in Hong Kong. It was so fun to talk to him; I can’t believe he will be coming home in June! Two years have gone by so fast; I can’t wait for him to see how much Dawson has changed and to meet Jordan. Christmas was so fun this year, with Dawson being almost two he still didn’t understand Santa coming but he was very excited to wake up to presents! He got a Thomas train track set that we could not pull him away from ALL day! He didn’t want to stop to eat my Christmas breakfast which I didn’t burn this year (unlike last year); he didn’t even want to stop to eat lunch. Santa really got it right this year!

My boys and I waiting for Tyler to call:
Dawson checking out what Santa brought

This is where Dawson spent his entire day:

Jordan's gifts were bigger then him
Dave and Dawson also got to go out and have fun in the snow. I think it was more fun for Dawson since Dave was really out there to shovel the driveway. I love a white Christmas! We had so much fun over the holiday I am glad that they are over though, it is much more relaxing with out them! Dawson was testing out the new snow pants that he got for Christmas
This is the view from my back window it is so pretty when it snows!

Sorry about the Christmas pictures in January but I thought I should put a post on here before Jordan turned one ;)