Friday, November 14, 2008

Jordan Andrew

He is here... Jordan Andrew was born on Monday the 10th at 3:21pm, he weighed 7lb 9oz and we are both doing very well. It is so great to a have him here and he has been such a good baby (so far). This picture is right after the delivery, everything went so much better and faster then last time! I guess it helped that Jordan was so much smaller then Dawson was! He seems so tiny to me compared to Dawson, who was born with fat rolls all over :)

Here are a few pictures from the hospital...

Dawson was not to excited to meet his new brother, most the time he didn't even want to come into my hospital room. When he was in he would head straight for the door and say "lets go, in the car" since we have been home he has been a little more open to having a baby in the house. Sometimes he will even try to hand him a car to play with, so we have to watch him so Jordan doesn't get hit by any cars :)

Dawson watching Monsters Inc. while he waited for me to get ready to leave the hospital, little Jordan in the backround.
Getting ready to leave the hospital

A little family photo before we left for the hospital, as you can tell Dawson was more then ready to get out of there.

Now we are home relaxing and it has been going very well :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I am alive...

Ummm I don’t really have an excuse of why I have not blogged in such a long time. I guess I could say that I have been 9 months pregnant chasing around a 1 1/2 year old but I think that should give me the excuse to sit and relax in front of the computer more often. So I guess I’ll just post some pictures of what we have been up to while awaiting the arrival of our new little boy (who does not have a name). A while ago we took a trip to the zoo, it was Dawsons first time and I think that he enjoyed it. In this picture with Dave, Dawson would not look at the camera long enough for me to get a good picture. Dawson just kept pointing to "the keys" which are of course monkeys.

Dawson has also been able to get in some reading, this is how I found him the other morning. I guess he couldn't choose just one book.

And then of course there was Halloween :) The night before Halloween we went to a friends party, the guy with the white shirt and tie was Warren Jeffs and the girls and guys in jean dresses are his wives. It was so funny :) Dawson would be the little Monster in the back that is crying. We really shouldn't take these pictures at the end of the night when Dawson is ready to be in bed!

Again this next picture is way past Dawsons bedtime (he had already pulled me out to our car wanting to go home). If you can't tell what Dave and I went as, well... I went as a nine month pregnant woman going into labor and Dave went as my Doctor. Really it was just a good excuse for me to wear sweats and a rope all night :)

Halloween night we took Dawson out trick or treating and he was not to happy about it at first, but after a few houses he got the hang of it and kept saying "lets go" if we were taking to long at the neighbors.

Each house we went to Dawson would try to walk in, like he was there to play. Then if anyone offered the bowl he would give them the candy he had in his hands and take some out the bowl. He always had to be carrying candy in his hands. We went to one house that had the lights on but no one answered so we told Dawson they weren't home and we turned around to go and Dawson kept asking "where's the cookie?". He ended up really enjoying trick or treating and when we got home he dumped all his "cookies" on the couch and started to enjoy his loot.

Also for those of you who are not aware Jazz season has started again! I went to the first game of the season but I think that it may have been my last for a little while as you can see from the picture I took on my phone, those are a lot of stairs for a pregnant belly to walk up. I was also super hot the whole time so I think I'll wait til after the baby when I can enjoy myself a little more.

I'll try to be better about posting, for sure I'll post next week went I am hopefully home with a new baby. I should be induced on Monday, yippy :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Excuses Excuses

While sitting in time out recently Dawson has come up with some excuses to get out. He sits down in his time out spot and after about one second starts saying “ca ca” which means that he is either going pee or poop and must sit on the potty. I will admit I have fallen for this trick and let him sit on the potty only to have nothing come out. After which he just got off and started playing (so much for that time out). So after learning my lesson I just tell him “no ca ca”. After that doesn’t work he points to a part of his body and says “ouchie” and tries to get up and show it to me. I tell him no ouchie and to sit on his bum. He will then start over, pointing to his diaper saying “ca ca” when that doesn’t work AGAIN he finds another part of his body with an imaginary ouchie. This goes on the entire time out, you would think with all his planning his time outs are lasting forever. No they are one measly minute! He cannot sit for 60 seconds without trying to get out of time out. After the minute is up and he is free to leave time out, all of a sudden the urge to use the potty has gone and the ouchies have disappeared, imagine that. I must say that I was impressed at how fast he came up with these excuses. Lately I have noticed that he has set some toys down by the time out spot just in case he is sent there, but I am not falling for his tricks anymore :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The last bit of our summer...

It has been a little while since a post so I thought that I would show what we did as the summer came to a close. It's going to be a lot of pictures! We went to Idaho for a family reunion and the first stop was Bear World. As you can see Dawson was really excited for this stop :) We made sure that we woke him up in time to see the bears.You drive your car through a wooded area where they keep all the bears so you have to keep your windows up and no stopping. Dave and I thought it was pretty cool being so close to the bears but Dawson acted as if this was something he sees everyday.

This was the only bear he was afraid of...
until we had him touch and he realized that this bear was not real. After the driving they had a little petting zoo and some small rides which Dawson enjoyed a lot. We had to pull him off the train ride, I think he could have stayed on that all day.

We stayed in a cabin in Island Park and did some fun stuff like rafting down a river, visiting Yellowstone and going to a rodeo where you could ride the steers of bulls if you wanted to.

This is my brother in law, he is the only family member that rode the bull and actually did pretty well.

I couldn't believe my brother David rode the steer, I thought that he would chicken out but he did a great job too!Dave and Dawson's 1 st time to Yellowstone :)

Dawson actually did pretty well on the long drives, he slept a lot of the time or watched the Jungle Book over and over. This was one of the random positions he fell asleep in...

We only had one little bump in the road and it wasn't that long. It gave us some time to get out and stretch, but with scenery like this we didn't mind to much.

The Grand Tetons were beautiful and it was a nice way to end the summer, now for the fall and a baby!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

We set a date...

My doctor and I have set a date... the date that I am going to be induced! I love having that end date. I am being induced Nov. 10. I was induced with Dawson Feb. 10 at 7 am but he didn't show up til the 11th so we'll see what happens with this one. My doctor seems confident that this one will come faster but I'm not so sure. I am being induced 5 days before my due date, hopefully this will mean a smaller baby. Even an ounce or two smaller would be nice :) Speaking of which Dawson is now a "big boy", he started nursery (YIPPY) and is sleeping in a big boy bed! We actually started taking Dawson to nursery a few weeks early and would just stay with him (since he wasn't really suppose to be there). While we were in there with him he would just pay no attention to us, while other children would come over and ask us to play or read to them. Dawson would just look over at me sometimes like "what are you still doing here?". So on his first real day we left him and things were wonderful!! Well at least for me, Dave and Dawson, I'm not sure the other children liked it much. Dawson is a bit of a bully and doesn't know how to share yet and he uses being the biggest in the class to his advantage. We were told when we came to pick him up that he made a few kids cry by head butting them. Lovely. At least I know he can hold his own being the new kid in class.
About a month ago we moved the office stuff downstairs and set up Dawson's toddler bed in his new room just so I could start getting things ready in the nursery (Dawsons current room). I wasn't planing on putting Dawson in the new room and bed for a month or two but after his grandma's came over and told him how exciting it was that he now had a new big boy bed I guess it got him all excited too. That night after I got him all ready for bed I told him it was bedtime and he ran into his new room and got himself all tucked into his toddler bed. I told him if he wanted to he could sleep there, expecting him to come out after a few minutes, but he didn't come out until the next morning! So now we are going on week 3 of toddler bed, the only problem is naptime he will go down fine but he comes out after about 10 min. thinking that he had a long enough nap so naptime is still in the crib for now. The only thing that I am not liking about the new bed is that now he is not stuck in the crib until we get him, he can come out at 7:30 (before I normally wake up) and try to open my eye's with his little fingers. Oh well at least it was an easier transition then I thought it would be :)
So there are no pictures in this blog I need to get a bunch off my camera, so I will include some pictures next time.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


It has been a little while but over the 24th we went with Daves family down to St. George and Las Vegas. In Las Vegas the boys went to see the USA Olympic Basketball team play Canada and the girls of course went shopping. I think that the best part of the trip was that Dave took Dawson with him while I got to shop in peace! Dawson really hates going to the mall with me and just wants to get out and run. I think that he really enjoyed going to a basketball game again, it has been a little while since the Jazz have played and they were able to see two of our jazz men out on the court. Dave and Dawson both wore there Jazz shirts to show support for Deron and Carlos. They of course beat Canada! GO USA!! I love how small Dawson looks in this picture next to the huge poster of some basketball players :)
It was SUPER hot in St. George as usual so we made the most of it by shopping and swimming!

We had some lunch at Ruby River and it was Aunt Joyce's birthday (Dave's aunt that was also in St. George) so after the singing Dawson was able to wear the birthday hat.

As you can see he was a little busy on the cell phone to look up for a picture.

We had a fun little family trip, it was great to spend time with Dave's Family.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Future Tiger Woods?

Dave really enjoys golf and goes about twice a week or more, so on Saturday night he decided he wanted to take Dawson and I to the country club for our first time golfing. I got some of Daves old clubs and Dawson had his plastic ones and we were off to play our first nine holes :) Dawson really enjoyed the golf cart, he would steer for Dave, the only thing was that he would try to steer nice and straight as we were headed right for some trees so Dave would try to turn as Dawson would try and hold it straight :)

This is me about to tee off reminding Dave that I really have no idea what I am doing. Turns out my drives did not go that far (imagine that haha) so I would tee off and most the time just pick up my ball and continue from where Daves ball ended up.

I really like Dawsons form in this picture, he is a great golfer! The plastic club and one hand was a great strategy he won for sure!

Dawson was very helpful when we were up on the green making our putts, if we got close to the hole Dawson was nice enough to just pick it up and put it in for us :) Here Dawson is clapping after he had thrown our balls into the hole for us. He looks so proud.

I think that Dawson may have thought that the bunkers were fun sandboxes so we had to try to keep him out of those as much as we could. He was distracted by his club and ball pretty easily though.

Overall I think that it was fun for all of us, even though Dawson and I may have slowed Daves game down a bit. Dave is excited to someday take his two boys out golfing.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Out on the lake

We took Dawson out the boat for the first time, and all he really wanted to do was drive. I had to keep him distracted while Dave was driving because all he wanted to do was be next to him driving. He liked the ride, although he was a little unsure of all the wind blowing in his face.

None of us got in the water mostly it was just a nice drive and hanging out on the lake.

Notice Dawsons face in this picture..he is trying to smile while we were driving :)

Boating was in the afternoon right during a nap so by the end of the ride he got real grumpy until all the sudden he was OUT!