Monday, July 14, 2008

Future Tiger Woods?

Dave really enjoys golf and goes about twice a week or more, so on Saturday night he decided he wanted to take Dawson and I to the country club for our first time golfing. I got some of Daves old clubs and Dawson had his plastic ones and we were off to play our first nine holes :) Dawson really enjoyed the golf cart, he would steer for Dave, the only thing was that he would try to steer nice and straight as we were headed right for some trees so Dave would try to turn as Dawson would try and hold it straight :)

This is me about to tee off reminding Dave that I really have no idea what I am doing. Turns out my drives did not go that far (imagine that haha) so I would tee off and most the time just pick up my ball and continue from where Daves ball ended up.

I really like Dawsons form in this picture, he is a great golfer! The plastic club and one hand was a great strategy he won for sure!

Dawson was very helpful when we were up on the green making our putts, if we got close to the hole Dawson was nice enough to just pick it up and put it in for us :) Here Dawson is clapping after he had thrown our balls into the hole for us. He looks so proud.

I think that Dawson may have thought that the bunkers were fun sandboxes so we had to try to keep him out of those as much as we could. He was distracted by his club and ball pretty easily though.

Overall I think that it was fun for all of us, even though Dawson and I may have slowed Daves game down a bit. Dave is excited to someday take his two boys out golfing.


Robinson Family said...

That is so cute! Brock loves to golf so much that David just got him some real clubs. They're pretty cute. We need to get our boys we can hang out!

jen.nie said...

Cute!! I love your new banner!!!

Michelle said...

That looks like a lot of fun. It was so nice to see you. I told Cole about the digital scrapbooking stuff and think I might try it. You might have to help me.

Dowland Fam said...

Looks like you guys have had a fun summer! Hope you're feeling great!