Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A good two years!

I have a two year old!! Dawson turned two last week and of course he had another theme party, this year it was all about Cars the movie. Notice in the picture below Dawson was trying to blow out the candles before we even started singing.First I wanted to take a look back at the last few birthdays :) 4 Days Old

1st Birthday

2nd Birthday!
Dawson had a party the night before his birthday with some family and friends and had a great time!

This was after the pinata was opened, once the kids picked up a few pieces of candy they didn't want the rest, they just wanted to eat it.This was a "jack in the box" that was making all the kids jump whenever it popped!

The night of his birthday Dawson was able to go to the Jazz game! He had a blast!! This picture was just at the start of the game when it was really loud...he really did like it :)

He loved the Jazz bear! The bear come over during the game and gave Dawson a basketball that he had signed. After the bear left us he kept asking, “Where go? Where go?” and “the bear, basketball!” Now that basketball goes everywhere with him!

Dawson is such a fun little boy and always keeps me laughing. I love this little two year old!! A quick shout out to my two sisters that live too far away to make it to the party, we missed you girls!

Friday, February 6, 2009

30 on 30 & the Super Bowl

Dave turned 30 on Jan. 30th!! Dave had three Birthday parties to celebrate.

The first one, which was on his birthday, was dinner with some friends, then cake and some rock band at our house.

The next party was with Dave’s family and somehow I didn’t get any photos of that party. The last one was a Birthday/Super Bowl Party with my family.

Dawson was showing off his muscles, he thinks he is just a strong as the football players.
We had way to much food as always... I think this year we had even more then normal because I started out with a honey baked ham for lunch. Yum! As you can tell in this picture my basement gets a little cold, it's a good thing I've got a bunch on blankets.

This was Dave's gift from my parents, Dawson had a lot of fun trying them on :) Below is Dawson with Grandma Donna.

What a way to celebrate your 30th!

Because we had three parties we also had three cakes! It's a good thing Dawson's birthday is on Wednesday, because I don't think we have eaten enough cake yet!

Dave is such a great husband and father! Dave is always willing to help with the boys and around the house, we love him so much! Happy Birthday Dave!