Friday, November 14, 2008

Jordan Andrew

He is here... Jordan Andrew was born on Monday the 10th at 3:21pm, he weighed 7lb 9oz and we are both doing very well. It is so great to a have him here and he has been such a good baby (so far). This picture is right after the delivery, everything went so much better and faster then last time! I guess it helped that Jordan was so much smaller then Dawson was! He seems so tiny to me compared to Dawson, who was born with fat rolls all over :)

Here are a few pictures from the hospital...

Dawson was not to excited to meet his new brother, most the time he didn't even want to come into my hospital room. When he was in he would head straight for the door and say "lets go, in the car" since we have been home he has been a little more open to having a baby in the house. Sometimes he will even try to hand him a car to play with, so we have to watch him so Jordan doesn't get hit by any cars :)

Dawson watching Monsters Inc. while he waited for me to get ready to leave the hospital, little Jordan in the backround.
Getting ready to leave the hospital

A little family photo before we left for the hospital, as you can tell Dawson was more then ready to get out of there.

Now we are home relaxing and it has been going very well :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I am alive...

Ummm I don’t really have an excuse of why I have not blogged in such a long time. I guess I could say that I have been 9 months pregnant chasing around a 1 1/2 year old but I think that should give me the excuse to sit and relax in front of the computer more often. So I guess I’ll just post some pictures of what we have been up to while awaiting the arrival of our new little boy (who does not have a name). A while ago we took a trip to the zoo, it was Dawsons first time and I think that he enjoyed it. In this picture with Dave, Dawson would not look at the camera long enough for me to get a good picture. Dawson just kept pointing to "the keys" which are of course monkeys.

Dawson has also been able to get in some reading, this is how I found him the other morning. I guess he couldn't choose just one book.

And then of course there was Halloween :) The night before Halloween we went to a friends party, the guy with the white shirt and tie was Warren Jeffs and the girls and guys in jean dresses are his wives. It was so funny :) Dawson would be the little Monster in the back that is crying. We really shouldn't take these pictures at the end of the night when Dawson is ready to be in bed!

Again this next picture is way past Dawsons bedtime (he had already pulled me out to our car wanting to go home). If you can't tell what Dave and I went as, well... I went as a nine month pregnant woman going into labor and Dave went as my Doctor. Really it was just a good excuse for me to wear sweats and a rope all night :)

Halloween night we took Dawson out trick or treating and he was not to happy about it at first, but after a few houses he got the hang of it and kept saying "lets go" if we were taking to long at the neighbors.

Each house we went to Dawson would try to walk in, like he was there to play. Then if anyone offered the bowl he would give them the candy he had in his hands and take some out the bowl. He always had to be carrying candy in his hands. We went to one house that had the lights on but no one answered so we told Dawson they weren't home and we turned around to go and Dawson kept asking "where's the cookie?". He ended up really enjoying trick or treating and when we got home he dumped all his "cookies" on the couch and started to enjoy his loot.

Also for those of you who are not aware Jazz season has started again! I went to the first game of the season but I think that it may have been my last for a little while as you can see from the picture I took on my phone, those are a lot of stairs for a pregnant belly to walk up. I was also super hot the whole time so I think I'll wait til after the baby when I can enjoy myself a little more.

I'll try to be better about posting, for sure I'll post next week went I am hopefully home with a new baby. I should be induced on Monday, yippy :)