Thursday, February 14, 2008

What a difference a year makes!

Dawson turned ONE! Yep it's true my little guy had his first birthday and we had a fun party for him. During the day mom and dad took the birthday boy out to lunch then made sure that he got a nice long nap to get ready for the big party :) The theme was of course Elmo, and he had everything with Elmo on it from cup cakes to the party hats. Here are the pictures of the cake and the cupcakes. Keep in mind that I made everything so the crazy looking cupcakes are supposed to be Elmo's face.

I'm not sure he understood why he got to open gifts again but he enjoyed all his wonderful birthday gifts from friends and family. He is a lucky boy and got so many fun things. Here is Dawson opening some presents, and yes Dave is wearing an Elmo shirt. He was such a good sport and wore it the whole night just for Dawson:)
Dawson loved eating the cake, he really loved being able to squish it in his chubby little fingers.
Once he found out that underneath the cake there was a picture of Elmo he just wanted to play with the plate and throw the cake off.
I think that it turned out to be a very good first birthday for him thanks to our friends and family that were able to join us!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

He is just so excited!

I just had to post this...
This picture was taken at our Super Bowl party, it is his new really excited face. I just love it!

New day same happy face!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It can't be that bad...

I know that I should be reading stories, singing the ABC's or teaching him the Theory of Relativity...but this is how we spend an hour each afternoon.

He loves to watch Sesame Street and I love to let him. It keeps him entertained so I can throw some things in the laundry, eat some lunch and do dishes. The best is seeing his face when the music for Elmo's world comes on, he gets a huge smile on his face, looks up at me and starts clapping. I figure that they are teaching him about numbers, letters and talking monsters so it can't be that bad...right? Plus it is really cute to see this guy sitting on his bum for once, not running around. So this is a thank you to Elmo and the gang, you help me get things done. :)