Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Choo Choo!

We took Dawson to Day Out with Thomas again this year and he loved it. Jordan just enjoyed being out, smiling as always :) We rode on Thomas and went through the straw maze. Dawson also got some train "tattoos" (that we called stickers), that he was showing to all the animals at the petting zoo. It is so funny how much he loves Thomas and all the other trains, he got a new book while we were there and can name every train in the book and there are A LOT of trains! The tattoos and wristband that he got stayed on his arms for over a week, everytime I asked if he wanted me to cut off the wristband for him he said "no, its nice".

Jordan is also growing up so fast! He has two teeth and is crawling everywhere. Now that he is crawling he can get to the toys that he wants faster and that has become a problem for Dawson because it seems like the most interesting toys to Jordan are the ones that Dawson is playing with. So now I am hearing a lot of "no baby!" So Dawson is having to learn to share a lot more. Jordan doesn't seem to mind, he thinks Dawson is funny no matter what he says :)