Monday, April 5, 2010

His head got hurt...

This happened a while ago but since it has been a while since a post I thought a quick story might get me blogging again :)

A few Saturday's ago Dave went downstairs to workout and I was upstairs with the boys, we had just done some shopping so I was having Dawson put some things away for me. I had bought a wreath for the front door and needed it put away downstairs, Dawson wanted to go say hi to Dave so I sent him down with the wreath and told him where to put it.

Dave didn't hear Dawson come down and Dawson went into a room where he thought I wanted the wreath to go. Dave had a pull up bar hanging in that door frame while he was lifting weights in the other room. As Dawson left the room he tried to close the door, which he could not do with the pull up bar in the way. So he was banging the door hard enough that the pull up bar came off the door frame and RIGHT onto the top of his head. Dave had heard the banging and then crying so he ran in to see Dawson, when Dawson didn't stop after a little while I went down to see what happened. Dave was giving Dawson a hug saying he was ok and Dawson was holding his head. I asked Dawson if he was ok and then he slid his hand down his face, and that is when Dave and I saw the blood. As he slid his hand down his face he also smeared blood down his face. I knew that heads bleed a lot so I wasn't super worried when I saw the blood, we just took him upstairs so we could clean him up and check out the damage.

After cleaning it up we could tell that it was something that might need to be looked at. It wasn't a very big cut but it looked deep and had some white stuff coming out. Dave grabbed a towel and took Dawson to InstaCare, the first one they went to was closed so they had to go to a farther one and on the way Dawson fell asleep :)

They first cleaned the cut and decided that he would need staples, Dawson really didn't want any shots so they had Dave hold a sponge with something to numb it (Dave said it didn't seem to work that well). He got staples with a little bit of crying but it was all made better with the bouncy ball they gave him :)

When he got home the first thing he said to me was "Hi Mom! I'm all better, I have staples." I just had to take a picture of him when he got home he looked so worn out. By the next day he was back to jumping around and showing me his somersaults, and I had to keep telling him to stop doing them or he would hurt his head more.

The next hard part was taking the staples out, after the first one was taken out and he realized how much it hurt. I had to hold him down with all my weight (he is a strong kid!) while the Dr. took out the other one. All he has to show for it now it a small purple line on the top of his head, but he does like to tell you the story.