Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Excuses Excuses

While sitting in time out recently Dawson has come up with some excuses to get out. He sits down in his time out spot and after about one second starts saying “ca ca” which means that he is either going pee or poop and must sit on the potty. I will admit I have fallen for this trick and let him sit on the potty only to have nothing come out. After which he just got off and started playing (so much for that time out). So after learning my lesson I just tell him “no ca ca”. After that doesn’t work he points to a part of his body and says “ouchie” and tries to get up and show it to me. I tell him no ouchie and to sit on his bum. He will then start over, pointing to his diaper saying “ca ca” when that doesn’t work AGAIN he finds another part of his body with an imaginary ouchie. This goes on the entire time out, you would think with all his planning his time outs are lasting forever. No they are one measly minute! He cannot sit for 60 seconds without trying to get out of time out. After the minute is up and he is free to leave time out, all of a sudden the urge to use the potty has gone and the ouchies have disappeared, imagine that. I must say that I was impressed at how fast he came up with these excuses. Lately I have noticed that he has set some toys down by the time out spot just in case he is sent there, but I am not falling for his tricks anymore :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The last bit of our summer...

It has been a little while since a post so I thought that I would show what we did as the summer came to a close. It's going to be a lot of pictures! We went to Idaho for a family reunion and the first stop was Bear World. As you can see Dawson was really excited for this stop :) We made sure that we woke him up in time to see the bears.You drive your car through a wooded area where they keep all the bears so you have to keep your windows up and no stopping. Dave and I thought it was pretty cool being so close to the bears but Dawson acted as if this was something he sees everyday.

This was the only bear he was afraid of...
until we had him touch and he realized that this bear was not real. After the driving they had a little petting zoo and some small rides which Dawson enjoyed a lot. We had to pull him off the train ride, I think he could have stayed on that all day.

We stayed in a cabin in Island Park and did some fun stuff like rafting down a river, visiting Yellowstone and going to a rodeo where you could ride the steers of bulls if you wanted to.

This is my brother in law, he is the only family member that rode the bull and actually did pretty well.

I couldn't believe my brother David rode the steer, I thought that he would chicken out but he did a great job too!Dave and Dawson's 1 st time to Yellowstone :)

Dawson actually did pretty well on the long drives, he slept a lot of the time or watched the Jungle Book over and over. This was one of the random positions he fell asleep in...

We only had one little bump in the road and it wasn't that long. It gave us some time to get out and stretch, but with scenery like this we didn't mind to much.

The Grand Tetons were beautiful and it was a nice way to end the summer, now for the fall and a baby!