Tuesday, March 25, 2008

All about Dawson

Dawson got tagged by Coleman, which I thought was so cute, it has just taken me a while to get on and post a blog. I am going to try in the next few days to post a blog of all the fun stuff we have been up to.

Dawsons Tag:

This picture was taken the other day after he woke up from his nap, he had gotten sweaty and then moved around like crazy and was standing up in his crib calling "daddy daddy". His hair has since been cut :( his dad thought it was getting to long.

8 things about Dawson:

1. He LOVES music, if I am watching TV while he is playing and a commercial with fun music comes on he will stop whatever he is doing and get up and clap and dance. I also play the Wicked sound track in the mornings while we eat breakfast and he comes running in the kitchen as soon as he hears the 1st song, I need to get it on video it is priceless. Any children's show with lots of music and singing keeps him entertained!

2. His latest favorite word is what's that, it sounds like whaazz at. He brings me things constantly asking "what's that" then saying "ohhh" after I tell him. Only to have him ask again 1 second later.

3. Loves his veggies, he would rather eat his carrots then his fruit at lunch time. I hope this last all his life!

4.Cell phones are one his favorite toys, he holds it to his ear and says "hi daddy" I have yet to get a phone call from him, I guess he figures I am always around.

5. He loves balls and ball games, he always carries his ball with him and if he ever sees a ball game of any kind on TV he will yell "ball ball". He recently noticed that when we are sitting in church you can see the basketball hoop up in the gym and yells "ball ball" during sacrament.

6. He will give you pats on the back if you hold him and he is excited to see you or if you get him out of his crib.

7. He is fearless or just does understand the laws of gravity quite yet. He will stand on the couch and just try to wall off, he has fallen down my parents stairs also. I think that slowly he is learning, after that fall on the stairs he is a little more careful.

8. When Dawson was born the nurses said "oh my gosh!" (yeah a little scary) followed by "he is huge, hurry get him on the scale!"

That was fun :) Dawson now tags: Brock Robinson, Hyrum Hatch, Lili Lundeen, and Emmie Dowland

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Okay so it has been a while since I have posted a blog and I have been tagged twice or maybe three times I don't know... so I kinda put all the questions together.

10 yrs. ago what were you doing?-

I was 14 and I really can't recall a lot of what I was doing at the time. I was making some good friends that would stay with me through high school. I probably had huge crushes on guys that I wouldn't even talk to and I think I had some ugly bangs at the time so WOW I was pretty awkward! Oh and I loved to write notes to people even though I would give them the note in the hall when I very well could have told them what I wrote.

3 bad habits-

-I procrastinate, right now it is household stuff but it was worse in school.

-I tend to be a little late, I think that it is getting better cause with a child you have to plan ahead a little more.

-I know I have more but I couldn't think of any so I asked Dave and I found out I have more OCD then bad habits. I always fold my napkin a certain way after dinner at a restaurant (you know the cloth ones, but I have caught myself doing it with little paper ones too), I am not going to get into the details but there is a certain way I like to have my clothes folded when I take them off (even the dirty ones) and many more.

5 things people don't know about me...

I don't think that I will be able to think of five...

- Okay this is going to sound really strange but, I am trying to gain a little bit of weight. I know, I know sounds crazy but some how after Dawson I have lost a bit of weight and now my family and my husband are telling me I need to gain some pounds. I guess I am going for like 5 pounds. So there is something you didn't know about me, I think that is enough. :)

5 thing on my list to do today:

Well, now that the day is over I'll start tomorrows list

1. Laundry

2. Dust the ENTIRE house

3. Grocery shopping

4. Take care of Dawson

5. Try not to die of harsh paint fumes coming up from the basement, the painters are coming back tomorrow

5 snacks I enjoy:

1. Cheese and wheat thin crackers or the cracked pepper and olive oil triscuits (I have this everyday!)

2. Chocolate

3. Chocolate covered pretzels

4. A nice big glass of ice water (boring I know, maybe I am just really thirsty right now)

5. Strawberries

5 Places I have lived: Okay here goes, I think I'll do more then 5

-Corvallis, OR

-Grants Pass, OR

-Hollister, CA

-Anna, OH

-Logan, UT

-American Fork, UT

-Alpine, UT

-Provo, UT

-Orange County, CA

-Lehi, UT

5 Places you've been:

1. Heritage tours: basically across the US, New York and back

2. Hawaii

3. Mexico

4. I think most the states in the west: AZ, CA, OR, ID, etc.

5. I think I'll do Mexico again cause I have been there a few times (twice last year) and to a few different cities there.

What would I do if I were suddenly made a Billionaire:

Pay tithing and go on many trips and lots of shopping, I think that Dave would make us invest it and set up accounts for children and family members. I think I would want to give to some charities also.

5 Jobs I have had:

1. JCW's for almost 3 years!

2. Bank of American Fork

3. Golds Gym

4. Platinum Studio

5. ITG

*6. Mom

5 Pet Peeves I have:

I am pretty easy going so I'll try to think of a few...

-I hate when people pick at things

-When I can see what people are chewing on, like if they spit it out on there plate

-When random people think that it is okay to touch your child, like on the face (if your my friend I really don't mind)

Okay there is my tag and I am tagging: Jenny (felix) & Stephanie