Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A very useful engine and the graduate

Well, I haven't posted anything for a bit so I thought I would share what we have been up to the past few weekends. First we went to Heber and had our day out with Thomas, lately Dawson has been loving all things Thomas (he refers to them as cars). I wasn't sure if he would still be to young for this or not but he actually loved it :)

It was a cold day, so that is why we are dressed like it is winter time. When we where taking these pictures all Dawson wanted to do was look at the "cars" so these are the pictures we got where the back of his head is not all that you see.

It was really cute, they took the Heber Creeper and just added the Thomas engine to the front and took you for a short little ride.

When we got in the train Dawson was a little restless until it started then ALL he wanted to do was look out the window! It was cold outside but pretty warm in the train and even warmer when the sun is blaring though your window but Dawson would not move. When the train would blow its whistle he would look around and ask "what's that?" and when he did you could see the sweat matting down the right side of his hair. We tried to move him to a cooler spot but he wanted to be right there, with his head on the glass.

They had a lot of things for the kids to do set up in tents but the train ride was the most exciting part for Dawson.

My little sister Emily graduated from Lone Peak High school, I can't believe that she is already that old! It doesn't seem like it has been that long since I was in my cap and gown...yet it also feels like it has been forever :)

Dawson really love his aunt Emily, she is so cute with him.

All the sisters and our babies :)

A little family picture that Dawson was not too happy about, it was a really nice night and all Dawson wanted to do was run around! It was fun to be there and support Emily but I am glad that we don't have to sit though another one until 2011 when my youngest brother David graduates.


amberandlandon said...

I heard about the Thomas coming to Heber and I thought it looked so cute! Hopefully they come next year when Lincoln can enjoy it.