Monday, April 14, 2008

What we've been doing!

Okay so I have been a major slacker when it comes to my blog, so I am just going to post some of the stuff that we have been up to the past few months.
We finished our basement!! I am so happy that it is done, it was SO dusty in my house (it still is). I am so happy to have my house back to myself, without workers going in and out disrupting Dawsons nap times!

Here are some before pictures...well actually this was after it had been started, I think the electrical was being done.

This is my SUPER dusty floor going down into the basement.

This is my kitchen table, I had to add the face so you would be able to see that thin layer of dust. It was everywhere!

This is the basement after, so much better! Right now all we have down there is the love sac, someday we'll get a t.v. and couch but I am just so excited that it is done I don't really care :)

The basement is now Dawsons favorite place to run around, he doesn't like it when I make him come back up stairs.
This is the new bathroom downstairs, Dave and my dad put the cabinet in and it looks so good.

It has been about a month but we also went to the 1st Blaze game of the year. I think that Dawson almost liked it better then the Jazz games. The crowd there gets a little more crazy, I think that Dawson was clapping the entire game!

And of course there was Easter, we had a lot of fun. With both our parents living in Alpine we have to share the holidays. We had two Easter dinners with each family. One at 1pm the next dinner at 4pm, we were full by the end of the day. Dawson was not sure why we made him pick up eggs and put it into a basket but he did it anyway :)

Dawson was not really that interested in coloring the eggs.Well there are a few of the things that we have been up to :)


Michelle said...

Your basement looks great. I love Dawson's smile. He is so cute.

Amie said...

Finishing a basement is a big project, but how exciting that you got it done. Congrats on that:) Dawson is for sure a cute boy.

Jen said...

How fun to see an update! I don't know how it happens, but everytime we get together we say we should do it more often and now its' been a month!?! Do you want to drive up to Jaclyn's shower together? I'll call you in the next day or so and see if it will work would be much more fun to drive together!

Jobi Niu said...

Your blog looks so cute! i'm so jealous your basement is finished.. It looks AMAZING! I bet Dawson is ALL OVER THAT! COuld he be cuter?? Um.. nope!

dockters said...

How fun to have so much open space with your basement now finished! It looks great. And Dawson is looking so grown up! What a handsome boy he is!

joyce said...

HI!! Your pictures are darling. Your basement is so nice!!! I didn't know you were finishing it! I love this blogging stuff!! Ohhhhh...Dawson is so cute! I just love his dimples....what a doll! xo..Aunt Joyce

jen.nie said...

I bet you are so glad all that is over. Living in a construction zone is not fun! I just love the holidays they are such good excuse to do fun things.