Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A first time for everything

Dawson has been walking for over a month now which is exciting, fun, and makes him a lot faster! He basically tries to walk as fast as he can which results in many bangs on the bum, head, and knees. I think that he is trying to show me how strong he is also because he tries to pick up all of his toys and carry them around the house, many of them are as big as he is which also results in many injuries. Here is one picture I've got of him walking, he is fast so they are hard to get :)

Sorry he doesn't have his pants on but at least he has his Elmo slippers on :)

Dawson went to his very first Jazz game! We were very excited to welcome him to the world of the NBA. He did really well, I was afraid that he would cry with all the loud noises like he has at past sporting events but there was so much to look at that he was entertained. He would join in on the yelling and clapping, not always for the right team but he'll learn :) Now we are excited that we can bring him more often and not have to leave him with a babysitter as much.


jen.nie said...

Oh my gosh your little man is walking!! He is growing up SO fast! Isn't his 1st birthday coming up soon?? I swear it wasn't that long ago i got your text message with his picture. Who needs pants as long as your little feet are warm in awesome elmo slippers!

Michelle said...

I can't believe he is walking. He is seriously so cute! I agree with jen on the pants thing, who needs them!:)

Abby said...

It seemed that Hyrum started walking soon after he realized it was difficult to carry things and crawl at the same time. It sounds like Dawson is proud of his new skill! He is such a handsome kid.

I'm sure his daddy will have him shouting for the right teams and understanding all the game rules before too long.